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Art 4 The Heart was founded in 2011 by brother-sister team Nina and Kyle. When Kyle and Nina were ages four and six they became interested in helping homeless people when they noticed several homeless men sleeping in a bus shelter on a cold winter night.


Since then they have worked for the past ten years at Bethesda Cares Saturday Lunch Program serving desserts they make and developing relationships with many of the clients.  They started to learn a lot about homelessness and the issues many homeless people face. 


For instance, when a homeless person finally gets a place to live the transition can be difficult.  In their new home the homeless person usually has only a bed, a few dishes and maybe a chair.  Many times the person does not have any personal belongings.  In order to make the transition easier for them and to make their new place feel "like home," Nina and Kyle thought it would help those who have been homeless to have a piece of art that was meaningful to them.  That is why Nina and Kyle started the organization Art 4 The Heart.  


At first, Nina and Kyle made all the art themselves but they could not keep up with the demand so they decided to involve young artists in the community.  

At 4 and 6 years old

At age 14 and 16